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Root Cause Analysis - Not Always an Answer

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Our ASQ section had an excellent first half of the year and awards banquet with good attendance throughout and excellent speakers like WGAL/F&M’s Dr. Terry Madonna. We will continue with speakers on different topics and responsibilities that often get placed at the feet of the quality department, like counterfeit part control. You may hear rumbling about transformation from ASQ headquarters, please be assured that we are working closely with their team to understand the changes and limit any impact felt by our membership. The primary changes are in relation to financial management and website hosting, which will be regionalized over the coming months. Finally, I recently had some interactions helping suppliers deal with OEM rejections and scorecards and wanted to share some insight:

Companies dealing with large OEM customers sometimes get rejections and or returned parts. Many times, these occurrences are accompanied by quick turnaround corrective action requests and warnings of how this rejection will negatively impact your supplier rating.

It is imperative that you investigate these situations thoroughly. Make sure you understand exactly what the problem is, when and where it was created and who is responsible. If the problem is to truly be corrected, you need to do this for your own company as well as your customer. Remember, this black mark won’t go away just because you ignore it.

Sometimes this investigation may show that; a) the parts are very old, b) the damage was caused by the customer, or c) you never even made the parts in question. Wherever the investigation leads we need to work with our customer in a positive way to help solve the issue.

On the large OEM customer side, if they are truly interested in improving supplier quality rather than cranking out computer score cards then they need to first investigate “supplier rejections” thoroughly themselves if the root cause is to be addressed.

Thank you for your continued support of ASQ and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Adam Marsh

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